Your custom picture framer

photo of jeff accepting a deliveryRahmenmacherwerkstatt_um1900When you are ready to prepare your fine art or treasured heirloom for display, custom framing is the best answer. Custom picture framing is the art of the hand crafting a frame to meet the needs of the art and its owner. An appropriately finished custom frame is the combination of artwork, mats, moulding, and other elements to create a presentation that is unique and complements your style. The custom frame package is a one-of-a-kind creation made just for you. Your treasured fine art, photo, special personal object, or hard-earned certificate should be framed in a manner that protects and minimizes their deterioration over time. Your custom framed artwork is a lasting investment in the decor of your home, which will outlast many of your other accessories. Custom picture framing is also more personalized than most of your other furnishings. Park Row Gallery will recommend the best design techniques, and color coordination to make the framing itself a work of art.

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We have over 3000 moulding samples and a wide variety of conservation quality mats and UV blocking glazing materials. We use computerized cutting tools and all the latest techniques. We belong to professional organizations to make sure we know and follow the latest professional standards for taking care of our clients’ treasures.

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